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A conversation with Mark W Schaefer: How to build followers in social media

This session was part of a social media course for  journalism bachelor students at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

About Mark Schaefer: Social media consultant, author (The Tao of Twitter), blogger, keynote speaker and thought leader in social media and digital marketing. His blog: Businesses Grow.

Takeaways from a Q&A with Brian Solis

solispixI recently had the opportunity to discuss social media business and social media strategy with global thought leader, author, keynote speaker and principal consultant of The Altimeter Group, Brian Solis.

The session was part of an advanced class on social media workflow, a diploma course I’m heading with Rasmus Johnsen. The course is part of our academic further education programme for media professionals at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

I was conducting the chat, armed with sharp and curious questions from the course participants, who during the course have been extensively drilled in aligning social media strategy and tactics with clear business goals.

The chance to pick Brian’s brain with his back catalogue of more than a decade of top level consulting, speaking and authoring was something of a coup for the professionals attending this class.
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